The Tilba District Chamber of Commerce successfully received the $25,000 grant from the NSW Government to fund the development and delivery of the Strategic Plan for The Tilba District, drawing on People Place and Partnership consulting to deliver the strategic roadmap. The funding will provide the opportunity for Tilba to recognise its current priorities for the recovery process whilst understanding the community aspiration and business needs.


TIlba District Chamber of Commerce


2020 - Ongoing


Place Planning / Community Engagement/ Place Making / Place Activation

Key Deliverables

Place Assessment

PPandP has developed a thorough place assessment tool that takes into consideration spatial and experience assessments, the influce of the region in the place, the unique motifs and precincts, events and online presence. 

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement is at the core of this project, in order to inform valuable, bespoke and robust frameworks for Tilba’s recovery and resilience.

Recovery Roadmap

Informed by the place assessment, extensive background and desktop research and the engagement undertaken throughout the process, an implementatable recovery roadmap will be tailored to Tilba’s uniqueness, a roadmap built in partnership with stakeholders and community that can take ownership of the actions to be taken.

Resilience Strategy

A robust framework will be developed to lead to a long-term resilience strategy, to build a resilient economy and community.