Place Activation

To make successful place, one must strategically and efficiently put the plan into action. Our Place Activation services aim to bring more engagement and vibrancy into a community through specific and focused activation plans. Our work focuses efforts in three key areas: 

– Physical Environment 
– Cultural Assets 
– Governance

Community Engagement

To make Community engagement is an inclusive term to describe a broad range of interactions and communications between people, be they individuals or groups, connected by a special interest or geographic location. 

PPandP believes in the power of connection, of fostering relationships and building effective partnerships.

We design, develop and facilitate community engagement processes with our clients that are based on the concept that connection is created through conversations, stories and posing the right questions.

Place Planning

PPandP has developed a comprehensive Place Planning approach that facilitates the articulation of a vision for the future, based on an in-depth understanding of the issues, constraints and opportunities of a place.

We work with a local community, stakeholders and business to ensure the vision and planning framework is robust and can be implemented over various timeframes. Vital to the success of any plan is an ability to monitor and evaluate outcomes on a regular basis.

Our planning services take into account the existing assets, amenities, and economic realities of a place, allowing us to conceptualise scalable strategies to help leverage opportunity areas, as well as to address issues raised during the process.

Place Management

Place Management is a recognised way of bringing together a community and all stakeholders within a place, to develop an agreed vision and to establish a positive future direction that will assist in solving problems and managing future change. It requires flexible and adaptable governance based on an understanding that every place and set of circumstances is different.

Our approach is to work with our clients, their stakeholders, community and leaders; using a range of tools and techniques to elevate a place to its social, environmental and economic potential.

We actively employ strategies such as place governance, capacity building, governance review, implementation frameworks and mentoring to sustain long term success.

Place Training

Place Training goes hand-in-hand with Place Management, to ensure long-term change. A successful initiative greatly relies on good leadership and management skills, and because taking charge of a place is more demanding than ever before, we provide training and mentoring to successfully achieve a local vision, and develop outstanding place leaders.

We believe that a guided hands-on approach is an effective way to foster familiarity with tasks, partnered with interactive workshops and seminars that come with our training packages. It is our expertise and desire to mentor leaders and Place Managers to be the best they can be, so they can better serve communities, places and people, and ultimately create partnerships that will be long lasting and lead to innovation in communities across Australia.

Strategic Facilitation

Strategic Facilitation is the art of guiding groups in collaborative processes that connect people through collective thinking. This in turn ensures that no matter how complex the issue or topic is; we are able to achieve greater and more meaningful outcomes to enable the delivery of change.

We believe that people participating in good strategic conversations develop good strategy. It is only when stakeholders come together, connect and allow themselves the time and space that they can really begin to consider new directions, insightful new ideas and collaborative decision making.

We take pride in the fact that Jo Kelly, our Managing Director, is one of the leaders in this field, marked by her years of outstanding reputation and successful projects she brings a renewed passion to facilitation that leads to effective decision making.