PPandP has been working with Liverpool City Council in collaboration with Terroir for the last three years to guide the strategic vision for a 28 hectare site in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. This unique project has involved high level governance including brief setting, strategic analysis, in depth internal engagement and design guidance.


Liverpool City Council


2017 - Ongoing


Place Planning / Community EngagementPlace Making / Place Activation

Key Deliverables

Public Open Day PoP Up

On Australia Day a pop up was installed in Woodward Park, in Liverpool, to inform visitors about the masterplan through interactive installations which included engagement activities.

Public Facing report

A thorough, highly engaging report has been developed to inform the community about the masterplan, including activation areas, timeframes for delivery and background information. The report has a corresponding webpage for community to interact and engage with. 

Stakeholder Engagement

A two-day Design Charette was facilitated by PPandP with the project team to deep dive into the different possible scenarios for the Masterplan, understand how the key principles and vision for the site are implemented in the Masterplan.

A series of councillor workshops has been conducted to inform and discuss theWoodward Place Masterplan.

Interactive Mapping Webpage

A interactive mapping website has been developed in order to maximise engagement and information flow to the general public, while allowing the community to further interrogate the masterplan and have their say about proposed initiatives.