SINCE 2006

SINCE 2006

Our company believes there is an opportunity to create the future, using techniques of effective planning, engaging and facilitation. In this we also believe our philosophy and your aim is indeed aligned. We are unique.

In our 16 years, PPandP has been delivering projects with clients, driven by our desire to bring about long lasting change in the cities and communities with which we work. ​ It is this depth of technical knowledge that has allowed our team to bring a unique set of skills to communication and engagement project delivery.

Our projects reflect a desire for clients to get the right fit of professionals that can deliver. We are often brought into projects as the glue to facilitate an effective message and positioning of projects to ensure that the outcomes reflect ultimately the long term aspirations of both both government and the wider community.

We have very valued clients and have a track record of working with Local and State Government and high profile Australian companies for long periods of time.


We not only have the skills, we have the technical capacity to drive the most effective outcomes.

Our team have formal qualifications in town planning, urban and regional planning, facilitation, community engagement place making, place activation and urban design.

Woodward Place

Jo Kelly

Urban Planner

Jo is the Director of People, Place and Partnership and is a passionate advocate of genuine and engaging planning principles and practices. Jo is a qualified town planner with over 20 years experience in urban planning and as a community consultation specialist, with extensive experience in city and large infrastructure developments.

Jo has worked in Australia and the UK in public sector planning and design agencies, at universities and in a range of private sector roles. She believes strongly that strategic facilitation is as much about process, delivery, management; as it is about good techniques.

She is a passionate professional who has had an extensive and broad career in strategic planning, facilitation and community development.


Urban Planner
Associate Director

Libby brings with her an enormous commitment to people, the places that they live and the partnerships that are needed to ensure successful delivery of key government and community priorities. ​ Libby is a qualified Town Planner and has been instrumental in developing and fostering the emerging profession of place management in Australia over the last 30 years. She has a proven ability to work with all levels of government, the community and private sector in the formation of partnerships and collaborative projects. She is a skilled facilitator and negotiator and has undertaken extensive community consultation programs.

Libby is known throughout Australia as a leading Place Manager and has been influential in the creation of this profession over the last two decades. She has been both a practitioner, an implementer and managed State and Local Government.

She is passionate about collaborative processes that empower stakeholders to be involved and allowing local people to help inform decisions about the places that are meaningful and important to them.

juanna loffreda

Graphic Designer &
Visual Storyteller

 Juana brings a depth of understanding ofa udiences to translating complex data into dynamic illustrations, information pieces and reporting.

She develops engaging and immersive graphics and visual experiences through unique and bespoke storytelling. 

Juana is an experienced and innovative graphic designer with a broadskillset and command of Adobe programs including Photoshop, Illustrator,After Effects and InDesign

Juana is passionate about exploring engagingmultimedia solutions to information sharing andanalysis and employs her experience in userexperience design and animation to achieveoutstanding outcomes

margarida salvado

Digital Placemaker &
Frontend Developer

Margarida is a digital placemaker and frontend developer with experience in stakeholder engagement and communications for a variety of masterplanning and strategic planning projects.

She develops online placemaking tools that maximise community engagement through digital channels. Her skills include online data visualisation through geolocation, online storytelling as well as digital surveying and animated reporting

Margarida creates bespoke webapps and tools to showcase masterplanning and strategic processes aligned with client needs and branding. 

Margarida has vast experience in context and document review to inform engagement processes and aligning system requirements.